Private Tours Made More Fun on a Minibus Rental

If you are vacationing in New Jersey, you might want to arrange for a minibus rental in NJ.

A minibus in NJ can help you ensure that everyone in your group gets to the destination all at the same time. This means that you no longer have to wait for everyone to arrive before being able to start whatever it is you planned to do. You also save time from not having to wait for public buses that will be able to accommodate everyone in your group.

A minibus in NJ can accommodate groups of up to 40 people. This would mean that everyone in your group would have a seat and would be comfortable during the duration of your private tour.

What’s more, you will be leaving the driving to a seasoned professional. Mini Bus NYC only hires the best drivers and ensures that they get proper technical and customer service training.

Need something more? You can get a coach bus if you have a group of not more than 60 passengers. You will have enough space and seats for everyone in your group and still reap all the benefits of getting a minibus rental in NJ.

If you are on a family vacation or if you are touring with a small group with less than 12 people, then a sprinter van is a great alternative. Even if you need to bring camping gears, fishing poles, sporting equipment and other stuff with you, you and your group would have a lot of space to store it in. Further, if you are travelling with kids who easily get restless and bored, you would appreciate that a sprinter van can have audiovisual equipment as well as power sources so that your kids could play console games, recharge their iPads or even watch a movie.

On a budget? Be sure to ask about our school bus rentals. These are our most affordable option and are perfect for short trips during great weather!

Be sure to call Minibus Rental NYC for all your transportation needs!