Prom Night? Get a Mini Bus Rental!

A lot has been said about prom night and its significance in a young person’s life. Mini Bus Rental NYC knows that this is one of the milestones in a teenager’s life. It is very important to make your prom night very memorable.

Just how do you do that? Get a mini bus rental in NYC!

A mini bus rental in NYC can seat a medium-sized group of up to 40 people. You could probably invite the whole class and go to the prom together. Or you could all chip in for the rate of the mini bus rental to make sure that everybody gets to save on their transportation costs for the night!

A mini bus rental in NYC can help you and your friends get to the prom together and in style, but that is not all you get from renting one. You can also get more fun during your prom night. You can plan to go someplace else after your own prom ends. You can go clubbing or perhaps enjoy a quiet night camping somewhere. Who says the fun has to end when prom ends?

Need something else?

We can provide it for you! Mini Bus Rental NYC can rent out a sprinter van that can easily accommodate up to 12 people. So if you are planning to spend prom night with only your closest friends, you can get a sprinter van rental from us.

If you and your friends are on a tight budget, you can still go out together with our line of school buses. Maybe, for once in your life, riding a school bus is cool. It is the perfect way to end high school!

Need a Mini Bus Rental in NJ?

If you are going to New Jersey, you can call Mini Bus Rental NYC for a mini bus to help you prepare for your prom in  the Garden State. We also have a mini bus rental NJ service for you!