School Bus Rentals NYC

If you think that you are too old for school bus rentals in NYC, think again!

Despite the term, you do not have to be student to avail of school bus rentals in NYC!

You might be surprised but school bus rentals in NYC might give you the most fun you could have while touring at a price that is sure to be a pleasant surprise to you.

School Bus Rentals NYC

School bus rentals in NYC are for those who are out on a budget or for those who are looking to travel over short distances. If you need a simple transport solution wherein you do not have to stay in the bus for a long time, then you should consider just chartering a school bus.

School bus rentals in NYC are not designed for luxury, and they do not usually have air conditioning. Therefore, it is best to check out the weather conditions during your trip.

School Bus Rentals in NYC: Perfect for Kids Too!

We do admit, however, that if you are transporting a group of children, school bus rental in NYC is the perfect choice. So it does not matter where you are going: class trips, sporting events, museums, birthday parties, play centers, you can call us to charter a school bus!

Here are the reasons why you should get school bus rentals in NYC from us:

1. All of our buses are well maintained. Not just our school buses, but also literally every bus in our fleet undergoes regular maintenance and check-ups.

2. Professional service right from the start. From the first time you call us, you will be greeted by trained and competent professionals to help you charter a school bus without the stress! Mini Bus Rental NYC makes sure that your experience with us is a pleasant one, so from the people you talk to on the phone, to the driver who operates the bus, you can expect professional behavior every step of the way.

3. Enhanced safety measures on school bus rentals in NYC. Apart from the safety training our drivers have, the bus itself has safety enhancements that make it perfect for transporting children such as the black and yellow paint that makes it highly visible even at night, as well as all the necessary safety equipment.

Mini Bus Rental NYC is duly certified by the New York State Board of Education.