Why a Minibus Rental Can Be the Best Corporate Transportation Solution for You and Your Employees

No man is an island. And no successful business is either. In the course of normal business operations, you will have corporate events and employee events that would require a minibus rental in NYC.

A minibus rental in NYC is just perfect for companies with 40 employees or less. You could easily transport them from the office to any venue they need to be.

So if you have a company picnic planned to recognize your best and top performing employees, or perhaps a team-building activity, you would be able to ensure that all your employees are safe, sound and comfortable on a minibus rental in NYC.

Your employees would not need to feel crowded in. They can also opt to have the mini bus rental you hired to take them home. This is very useful if they drink at the event and may not be fit to drive.


Not what you or your employees need?

You do not have to force the issue. We know that you may need something larger or smaller than a mini bus so we have coach buses and sprinters vans in our fleet, ready to be deployed to you!

A sprinter van is perfect if you plan to transport a single department or a small group composed of less than 13 employees. If they have to bring equipment such as banner stands, projectors and marketing materials, then it should not be a problem as you can securely haul cargo with a sprinter van.

A coach bus is perfect for larger groups that will not exceed 60 memb0ers. So if the whole company has to go on a teambuilding event or a corporate event, then this choice is just ideal for you.

If you are in New Jersey, you can still call us and arrange for a minibus rental in NJ. We also have service areas in Connecticut and Philadelphia!